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Increase your personal effectiveness through interpersonal awareness and "flex to the person you are working with" skills.

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WCI Press publishes personal and professional development material on paper and on the Internet. Our focus is the working professional. We publish in English. We make all of our publications available in both a traditional paper form and through the web.

We are associated with Workplace Competence International Limited (WCI - www.wciltd.com), a consulting and professional development firm that has been in business since 1986. WCI started WCI Press in order to make some of the material that we have used in our practice available to a wider audience.

In 2005, we contracted with HRD Press to become the North American paper based publisher of the Competency Styles® workbooks. We also made arrangements with Amazon.com to sell these workbooks. That is why you will see reference to their web sites.

We are the source for the Facilitator Kits and Supplies, "Working in Teams: The GPS Profile" and "Managing Others: The MO Profile".

Our current writing and publishing plan will see us bring out material on:

  • providing effective feedback in the workplace,
  • developing effective performance contract and performance appraisal methods,
  • managing and dealing with conflict in the workplace,

  • participating effectively in meetings.

Some of this material is available in draft form on the author's personal web site (www.roelfwoldring.com).

The WCI Press Competency Styles® workbooks are based on a set of design principles on which we base all of our professional development materials.


WCI Press follows the following guidelines in working with its authors and distributors.

  1. All our publications will be accessible on paper and on the web. Individuals will be able to access the media format that suits their needs. To facilitate this, we will establish a web site for each set of books that we publish.
  2. The audience for our books is the working professional who reads English. As a result, we edit our publications so that they can be used by individuals who are motivated to increase their self awareness, their personal knowledge, and their personal skills.
  3. We are delighted to work with adult development professionals who want to distribute or to use our materials. We will use volume discounts to make it attractive to do so. We will work out win-win arrangements that allow you to access to the workshop and other material that support our publications. Please contact WCI Press if you want to do this.
  4. As a small publisher, we focus on the material that we write, not distribution and printing. Think of us as more of a design house than a traditional publisher. We work with outside partner firms to print and to distribute our publications. We make this a seamless experience for our customers, so that they are do not need to deal with multiple organizations.
  5. We are also delighted to work with organizations who want to customize our publications for their internal use. We will help train your trainers and make arrangements with you to use our publications inside your organization. Please contact WCI Press if you want to do this.


Interacting with Others / Gathering and Using Information /  Making Decisions / Structuring Personal Activity
 Development Styles /  Relating Styles / The GPS Profile / The Managing Others Profile

Our Core Adult Learning Frameworks:
Professional Development and the Skill Extinction Effect
Our Design Principles
The Four Levels of Learning


Talent leverages everything,
Interpersonal talent (soft skills): the key to successful team work.

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