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Talent Management Talent Search Talent Development
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Performance contracting is the key to effective staff engagement, inspiration and performance.

"Shape the Future,

Don't Appraise the Past

We will help you put in place a performance contracting process for all your staff.

We will facilitate the development of performance contracts for your top leaders.

Avoid drowning in resume glut.
Engage us to help find you the talent you need
to ensure your organization's excellence.

We start by helping you prepare an effective hiring package for a fixed price using our "Recruit for Future Performance"™ process.

Then, if you ask us to, we will actually take on all of the remaining steps needed to deliver high quality final candidates for a position to you on a consulting fee basis.

Talent is everything, but sometimes talent needs professional development to blossom, especially when it comes to the interpersonal skills needed to work on teams and to manage others.

We deliver a number of interpersonal "soft skill" professional development programs,
in face to face and e-learning formats.

Increase your work effectiveness,
or explore the way we do things,
have a look at one of the books written by Roelf Woldring,
- all available from Amazon.com
(Click on a cover to find out more)

Roelf Woldring - Turnaround Around Organizations Roelf Woldring "Performance Appraisal is Dead - Long Live Performance Contracting" Roelf Woldring "If It is Broken, Fix It"

Based on Roelf's and other Turnaround Leaders' practical experience ...

Roelf does turnaround leader coaching and strategic turnaround around consulting. Contact him to find out more.

"Shape the Future,
Don't Appraise the Past"™

The why's and the how's of performance contracting as the most effective form of performance management and talent recruiting.

Essays / blogs published on roelfwoldring.wordpress.com
over the past 3 years:
on business and social issues ...

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